Is there a painting in you?

Is there a painting in you?


Abstract Artist, Michelle Janes, believes that it is never too late to give up on dreams, to let yourself be inspired by your surroundings and that fulfilment in life is everything you can expect it to be once you take the chance at living the dream.

Her inspirational tale is something to admire, so let`s start at the very beginning, when Michelle was a young college student at Portsmouth Art College. She was enthusiastic and had a talent for Innovative art work. Despite her fresh ideas and flair, regrettably Michelle`s career in art was put on hold for an unfulfilling job in banking, which for Michelle was dull but it meant that she could earn money. Like many dreams, the hope of becoming an artist for Michelle was lost by choosing convenience and the safe option in life.

In the next chapter of her life Michelle got married to Michael and they had a daughter called Danielle and this was when the dull banking job was flung out the window (at last) as Michelle became a stay at home mum to raise her daughter.

25 years passed of being happily married; she devoted her life to her family and marriage. Michelle`s story reflects the lives of many talented men and women who let their dreams be diluted with time and becoming distracted with life`s countless hurdles, resulting in dreams being a distant memory of `what if`.

This next part is where Michelle`s journey took an unexpected turn, as ten years ago, Michelle took a part-time job as an `Inventory Specialist` she travelled around London and West End viewing a range of contemporary style apartments. On her travels she noticed the art displayed in these apartments, which were dull, dismal and lack lustre. Michelle could do better! She would do better!! These encounters jogged that dormant volcano of talent that existed in Michelle. These unsatisfactory pieces of art were the reminder and motivation needed to follow her heart and fulfil her ambitions, which she had neglected for so long.

Michelle Janes was the inspired, now setting out to inspire others by creating her own unique modern art paintings; she based her style on the works of Damien Hirst. Michelle finally became the artist she set out to be, using vibrant paint and colours in a unique and original way, creating cutting edge art that touched viewers both visually and emotionally. After many hours of perfecting her art and developing ideas, Michelle exhibited her works on many occasions, proving to be successful in the art world, giving business the `Wow` factor. Her work also received much acclaim within the PR community.

Each tale has a moral and without a doubt the moral of this story is to believe in your dream, however inaccessible you think it may be. Sometimes it takes a small jog of memory (like in Michelle`s case – some bad pieces of art) to put everything into perspective. Dreams are made for living and Michelle Janes – pioneering modern abstract artist is certainly living hers.