Have you ever wondered what is Original Abstract Art?

Have you ever wondered what is Original Abstract Art?


It`s a good question!

Original abstract art is art that does not represent reality directly. We all interprete our worlds in our own ways. Original Abstract Art is an intretation of reality, or emotions or almost anything for that matter.

For abstract artists, colour is especially important. Every colour says something to us. Just think about it. We associate red with danger and green with safe but what about blends of that. Art can take you on a journey just through the use of colour, shapes and light.

Art of of course can be very personal and original abstract art can be very much an individual artists own interpretation of reality. Often people will have their own take. It`s not uncommon for 10 different people to see ten different things in a parting, none of which were what the artist originally had in mind. But that can also be a huge plus.

We `ve all had prints before original art works allow you to enjoy something that is very personal to you, that no one else has.

Abstract art also departs from the normal `rules ` of art. Artists can express themselves freely. Gravity doesn `t exist. Elements no longer need to be in the right proportions. It makes a for a vibrant experience.

Some forms of abstract art can be chaotic or sometimes you may be able to recognise things. Sometimes a work of art will go through several layers of abstraction, taking the viewer sometime to experience it.

Just finally, it is worth noting that abstract art can also be quite the opposite. Some artists insist on simply expressing themselves but in a corporate art environment, the emotion or muse of the work can often be someone else`s idea. This is where a truly skilful abstract artist can then interpret that experience and turn it into something with multi layers that provokes the right reaction but still challenges our brains to reach that point.

Original abstract art works on so many levels. It`s the depth of abstraction and the ability to provoke emotion and feelings that the form so attractive amongst art lover today.

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