Easter Weekend 2014! – Garden Art

Original abstract Art – Textured by Michele Janes

“The artwork had the effect of bringing  a touch of nature indoors”

Can you bring the garden into your house with “Garden art”?


Of course you can bring pot plants into your house but hands up who has forgetten to water them? And you know your guests will arrive on the day they look a bit saggy. So, what about art?


Have a look at the work above that Michele created last year for her special exhibition at Lauderdale House. Sadly a photo will never do it justice. It’s textured and vibrant in colour, just like the garden. As we like to call it, “Garden Art”.


In fact the inspiration comes from our small garden patio and the views we get from there. I bet many artists find inspiration there.


Pieces are made on canvas with acrylic paints/textures and layered to achieve a special raised effect.


Then Michele adds natural items such as twigs, flowers, buttons, gems and various stencils. The emphasis and choice here of course, depends on the final vision.


Would you like too see some of Michele`s work including this new “Garden Art”?


Then let us know and we`ll make sure you get all the details for her appearance at…..


Osterley Garden Garden Centre during Easter Weekend 2014.