About Michèle Janes

michele_profile_picMichèle – About the Artist

If you are new to the work of Michèle Janes then let me give you a brief introduction to one of the most exciting abstract artists working in London today.

Michèle is one of the UK’s leading original abstract artists, using vibrant paint and colours in a whole new way to create art that touches you both visually and emotionally.

What are the pictures about?

Original abstract art is about producing original paintings that start with a vision but can be interpreted by viewers in different ways. Michèle can rightly call her work “original abstract art” because as an artist, she uses a cutting edge technique to create truly original pieces of art every single time.

The process

The process involves many innovative techniques including spinning paint using centrifugal forces with just the right quantity of colours, to achieve an awe inspiring effect. It allows her to create original abstract art that truly stands out amongst other abstract artists and painters today. No paintings are alike.

Can art really make a business money?

Can abstract corporate art really help a business ? Yes, if you talk to the right artist and here is why We all know what it is like to work in a bland office. Abstract paintings can change the mood of a building in an instant. The right choice of paint and the right colours can lift morale, brighten up an environment, make customers more likely to stay and just make people feel good about where they are. You don’t need statistics to know that bright, vibrant offices full of colour, are much happier places to work.

Corporate abstract art developed by an experienced artist using a large canvas, can stimulate employees minds and keep them focused. An experienced corporate artist will produce art that challenges employee’s minds in the right way. It’s far more effective than a canvas of something they instantly recognise and dismiss.

Can art really make a business money?

Can original abstract art help restaurants make money? Yes Of course people come to your restaurants for your food but as all good restaurateurs know, people also come for the ambience. We all remember places where we enjoyed the whole experience. Original abstract art and paintings provide conversation points for customers.

Paintings create a colourful, fun and interesting venue. Again, an experienced abstract artist can asses the environment and make art that people will remember. By mixing the right vibrant paints and colours and creating a work of art that people talk about, ensures your restaurant remains in people’s minds long after a customer leaves.

Can art really make a business money?

Michèle is an artist who understands the needs of corporate art and corporate clients. Corporate art, whether for an office, shopping centre or restaurant must suit the environment. As an artist, Michèle can paint work that balances perfectly the tone you are trying to develop in your environment and the aims you have for your business.

Michèle and her experienced team can tailor, paint and produce art to your corporate needs. So, why not discuss it with us today Discuss your budget, your objectives for the art and let’s see if we can help your business with corporate art (or even your home) with some original abstract art from Michèle Janes