Corporate Art

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When I begin the process of painting abstract art for a company I do it with one thought in mind. What are YOU trying to achieve?

Are you trying to create a mood? Are you trying to reflect your brand with a painting? Are you trying to create a soothing environment for people to work or clients to visit?

I think it is essential that an abstract artist visits a business. That allows us to go through samples of the art work face to face allowing us to perfectly match the colours and style of the painting to your environment, whether it is a restaurant, hotel or office.
What are your preferred colour schemes for the painting? How will your furniture work with contemporary abstract art? How much space have you got for the art work? All this helps me paint the perfect piece of abstract art for you.

Corporate Art `done right` not only helps to reflect a unique brand and creates a great deal of pleasure in an office, but is also an important part of the workings of your organisation and a direct factor in driving the profitability of your business.

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